Sang Chaud

by Kathryn McKee

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released August 10, 2010

All material written and produced by Kathryn McKee. Additional production by Andrei Maberley.

Engineered by Andrei Maberley. Additional engineering by Joss Rigby and Kathryn McKee. Recorded at The Nickson Room and the Shingle Safe. Mixed at Organic Audio. Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studios 301.

Cello/Piano/Vocals/Programming* Kathryn McKee
Drums Sam Mitchell
Violin Eugenie Costello 03 07 08 09 10 11 12
Violin Michael Patterson 09 10 12
Viola Tuuli Rantanen 09 10 12
Vocals Bradley McCaw 11
Guitar Benjamin Palmer 03
Accordion Marko Deferri 04
*Programming Andrei Maberley 03
Bells Jacob Broomhall/ Peter Campbell/ Sallie Campbell/ Robert Davidson/ Lucy Elliott/ Chloe Goodyear/ Tamaryn Goodyear/ Bradley McCaw/ Denise McKee/ Byron Mengel/ Andrew Thomson 12



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Kathryn McKee Brisbane, Australia

Post-rock, post-pop and post-classical, think melodic songs featuring keys, laptop and beats. Then think string quartet.

Originally a cellist, Kathryn has been finalist in the Q Song Awards (electronic) and International Songwriting Competition for her album 'Sang Chaud'. It received community radio airplay Australia-wide as well as on 612 ABC and ABC Classic fm.

Stay tuned for her next album.
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Track Name: Your Nearness
Your nearness
Fills my stomach right up
Your goneness leaves it full
So I must wait for the little tears
By which it is slowly emptied
Track Name: It's You
You want it
You got it
I want it too
I see you
I run
I raise the bar
I lock the door
I close my eyes
But all I see is you

It’s you
It’s you
It’s you

I see you
I feel you
I get confused
On my list
You’ve no ticks
So I look
And jeez I look around
But in the end
It’s always you

It’s you
It’s you
It’s you
Track Name: Learning How
You never told me
How you feel
I didn’t realise
It was real

How you feeling
About me now?
Are you reeling
And how?

I wanna touch you
Is that allowed?
Although I’m trying
To be proud

How you feeling
About me now?
Are you reeling
Oooh and how?

Are you trying
About me now?
Are you crying
Or learning how?
Track Name: Swimming Song
You said at the beach
You said at the pool
I said what about
In your arms

You said it would be
Worth it regardless
Now I feel so far
From your arms

You said I love you but I hate it
I didn’t say you could be right
You said I love you but I hated it
Can I see you tonight?
Track Name: Who Are You
Do you fear you aren’t baby
or, do you fear you are?
Do you fear your darkness baby
or do you fear you’re a star?

Who are you to be brilliant baby
gorgeous or talented?
Who are you not to be all these things
plus a few damn more

Don’t you shrink now for other people
so they feel secure
Playing small don’t serve you babe
it don’t serve anyone

Let it out take a risk now baby
give yourself permission
‘Cause when you do you give other
people permission too

You are…. you are…
Track Name: Fly Away
You came to me
I couldn’t see
How darlin now we could
Play in the sea

I came to you
‘Cause I’ll see it though
What darlin now darlin
Are we to do?

I wanna fly away
I leave this day
I wanna be a gay

I wanna fly away
I wanna save this day
With you

It’s come to this
This happiness
High darlin why darlin
Track Name: Done Now
I was frightened
But it’s done now
What will happen
To our love low
Track Name: Ladders and Snakes
We begin again, we’ve started
We begin again, we’ve started
Now we begin, we begin

We’re together now, we’d parted
We’re together now, we’d parted
We’re together now, together now

Over the valleys
Over the hills
Over the won’ts
And wills
Snakes and ladders
Ladders and snakes
Them’s the breaks

We begin again, begin again
We’re together now, together now
We’re all better now, all better now